Feb 12, 2008

My Fives

5 Things Found In My Bag
– wallet
– kikay kit
– cellfone
– umbrella (umulan, umaraw nasa bag ko yan!)
- company ID

5 Things Found In My Wallet
– ATM cards
– ATM receipts (tamad mag-dispose)
- money syempre
– EZ Link card (fare card for MRT and bus)

5 Things Found In My Room
– bed
- pillows (lots of 'em!)
– lamp
– TV
– cabinets

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do
- travel around the World with my family
- shop 'til i drop (ung di na kino-consider ang price)
- to sing in a band (wish ko laaaaang)
- learn how to swim
- learn how to cook/bake

5 Things I’m Currently Into
– blogging (sana next time paid blogging na)
– making a list of "goods to bring" and "goods to follow"
– facebook
- drafting resignation letters (for me & hubby)
- pagpupuyat, lols!

Tag for grabs!

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