Mar 16, 2008

Slip Into Happiness

I sooooo love her. Her real name is Christine Gambito, better known as HappySlip, she's an internet celebrity and a popular YouTube content provider. She became famous for her VLOGS especially the ones where she spoof members of her family. In May of 2007, she became one of the first YouTube users accepted into YouTube's revenue sharing program.

She attributes her nickname "HappySlip" to her mother's mispronunciation of "half slip". "Christine, be sure to wear your happyslip!" is her mom's constant reminder while she was growing up as a teenager. She was born and raised in Virginia, her parents are both Filipinos, she worked on and off as a nurse for about eight years, quitting only when she gave birth to her son in 2005.

This 31-year old vlogger is naturally funny and has amazing acting talents, not to mention she can sing, play the piano and guitar. In 2008, Christine was appointed by DOT as Ambassador of Tourism giving her a chance to revisit the Philippines, the first time she has been to Philippines was when she was a toddler.

These are my favorite HappySlip videos...

Morning Meest



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